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Greg Shuflin 2022-01-30 01:28:57 -08:00
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@ -1,34 +0,0 @@
#all: smc
all: test_gfx
BINPATH := /home/greg/code/wla-dx/binaries
test_gfx: test_gfx.obj
$(BINPATH)/wlalink -v -r test_gfx.smc
test_gfx.obj: test_gfx.asm
$(BINPATH)/wla-65816 -v -o test_gfx.obj test_gfx.asm
tic_tac: tic_tac.obj
$(BINPATH)/wlalink -v -r tic_tac.smc
tic_tac.obj: tic_tac.asm
$(BINPATH)/wla-65816 -v -o tic_tac.obj tic_tac.asm
greenspace.obj: greenspace.asm
wla-65816 -vo greenspace.asm greenspace.obj
smc: greenspace.obj
wlalink -vr greenspace.smc
rm -f *.obj
rm -f greenspace.smc
rm -f tic_tac.smc
rm -f test_gfx.smc